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Thread: How to Podcast - For first timers

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    Lightbulb How to Podcast - For first timers

    We will be creating a How to for first timers looking to get into podcasting. We want to cover everything from equipment to creating an RSS, cover art, using social media, and everything else that someone would need to know before they start their first podcast.

    I would like to crowdsource the information and im looking for some help from the members on the forum.

    Lets start this! What are some things you need to know before hitting record on your first podcast

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    Andrew, that would be awesome for many newbies! They would much appreciate that!

    Content, content, content! That's crucial for anyone, will you take live callers and if so how will you do this? (I use my cell though want to switch to skype or uber conference and having issues), equipment requirements, will your podcast be live or simply recorded, where to host your podcast and getting your channel subscriptions to tunein, i tunes, youtube, etc... website, how/who will you stream your podcast through. These are all questions you'd like to ask yourself before hitting that record button like Andrew noted!

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    Here are some things I think would be helpful for new podcasters

    Getting Graphics Done


    Website help

    Social Media

    Where to upload your show

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    I'm almost done writing a long overdue breakdown on my own website of the gear and software we use to produce our show.

    I agree with Jamesdelfresco... graphics, equipment and a nice website are the three most important. A good CDN is probably just as important as the website.
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