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October 2, 2013:
Bambuser Adds Restrictions To Free Streaming
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Thread: Shutting down Live Stream and IRC

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    Lisa posted a response on the twit website

    Part of this is the TWiT chat room, which offers direct access to our hosts and guests. Our volunteer moderators have always been diligent in keeping the chat on topic and not letting a few troublemakers derail the discussion. But it's gotten to where moderating the chat and people's frustrations with that have become a distraction. There has to be a better way, and we are working on a new chat solution to maintain a high level of interaction with our audience. We'll have more details on this soon.

    The other part is our live stream, where you can watch us record our shows. With the number of shows on our network--now more than 20--adhering to a set schedule sometimes constrains our ability to produce live content. This doesn't mean that the live stream is going away, but we are going to mix up the format and offer both live and pre-recorded shows to minimize downtime. To this end, we may modify our broadcast schedule.

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    Business models evolve, and after reading Lisaís blog post addressing the changes, I canít blame them for making this move. To be candid, I think itís in their best personal interest, and Iím sure theyíll figure out ways to benefit from the evolution professionally as well. Iíve alwayís believed that their model, while successful, left Leo and his staff dangerously vulnerable. I get the voyeuristic component of what they do, but I always thought that their approach was surprisingly naive, and left them wide open to the unnecessary distractions, and the very real safety concerns that Lisa discussed in her post.
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    I haven't watched TWIT consistently over the years. I prefer to watch a live show where I can interact with the host(s), even in a limited manner. That's why I prefer the GFQNetwork and thetechbuzz.

    TWIT's chatroom has always been overrun with Trolls, Spammers, etc. It was just too chaotic to be useable or enjoyable for me. It's the sheer magnitude, the number of chat users. It's all well & good to through out the tired adage of "don't feed the trolls." But TWIT's chatroom is in a totally different class than most live shows I know.

    I haven't been to TWIT for awhile. I got the impression they'll keep live shows, but are still trying to figure how to handle chat in order to get rid of the troubles.

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    I realize I drifted away from TWiT a couple of years ago – this news has made me take another look at it. Sadly, the new TWiT isn’t nearly as compelling as I initially found it.

    All podcasters owe Leo et al a huge debt of gratitude for his pioneering work. Having said that, I have the strong feeling that he and his team are moving in entirely the wrong direction now.

    Show roster – looking a bit tired. Nothing seems striking original or – using that word again – compelling.

    Hosts – TwiT has definitely had some star hosts, Leo included. And the host’s personality is so closely linked to audience retention. A few names I still recognize – nice to see Andy Ihnatko still there. But no mega-names, and some obvious, and high-profile, departures. Wondering whether TWiT is still really all about Leo?

    Website –not keen on the new look. Cold and corporate. Where is the fun, the personal foibles, the stuff that made TWiT look and seem a bit rebellious and edgy? Feels middle aged now.

    The real shocker, though, was the extremely sad story of Erik Lanigan. The Youtube collection of clips from Leo and his CEO wife are pretty dreadful. At that point, I’m afraid I lost sympathy with, and interest in, Leo and his activities. No boss should talk about his employees that way in public. It’s unacceptable.

    I suspect the raising of the drawbridge at TWiT towers is partly a reaction to this. But if they turn themselves into just another broadcaster – i.e. return to what I think were Leo’s original roots – their competitive advantage all but disappears.

    TWiT seems to be in a disagreeable situation. They are sending a message to (part) of their audience that they don’t like ‘em, and don’t want to invite ‘em into the TWiT home any more.

    A broadcaster at war with its audience cannot survive... can it?

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    I was a fan for a long time. I no longer listen becasue Leo doesnt care anymore.

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