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Thread: I could use some siggestions for video podcast hosting service

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    I could use some siggestions for video podcast hosting service

    I am writing this to get some suggestions from other video podcasters for some good choices for reasonable video hosting arrangements.

    I have used youtube for several years.

    Recently, I have made some inquiries and found youtube is also working as thought police.

    It doesn't matter what search terms you use, or how SEO friendly, how much information in your description, etc.
    Youtube has to be tagging some channels for non-forwarding in some way. It isn't blatant, but very subtle.

    Youtube has pushed very hard and unscrupulously to get you into Google plus. I was assigned G+ accounts when I didn't even know it. Now google has gone to one account bit so they can follow and track you more efficiently.

    This triggered with me recently when I didn't log in to review comments on a video. My comments were not there. When I logged in there they were. I had 2-1/2 years of postings on videos and there were hundreds showing with the respective videos in my Google+ account. Yet, after all those postings 4 subscribers and few viewers... You could say the comments were blah, etc. Even if that was the case, after hundreds of comments there should be some comments.

    So, I double checked and logged into my account and went to video channels where I had previously posted. Those postings were right there in listings with no comments or responses to what I wrote. Then I logged out, and didn't log back in. I went to those sites and those comments were not there when I didn't login. I ran through every comment to make sure. My comments were somehow being restricted to viewers. I have never been suspended or had a complaint for anything I have ever done on youtube. This was somewhat of a surprise. Thinking I was in good standing...I wasted alot of time trying to make sensible comments about the topic of the videos. 2-1/2 years of comments and I finally realize --- I have been Googled.

    Now let me see....1984 thought police must be at work.

    I realize, I must have control of my content and definitely get away from anything Google as possible.
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