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Thread: Laptop for Podcasting

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    Laptop for Podcasting

    I have started doing some consulting work and a few of my clients are looking to do video podcasts. I curently have a MBP 2011 that is not fast enough. With that said What do you guys suggest for a laptop. I am going to go with a Windows machine thats under 1000 dollars

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    I had ADK Media Group build my video editing workstation, but they have an audio dept. as well. I was consulted by Dave Bond and Eric Bowen. Their service has been impeccable and their knowledge is first rate... these guys are media brainiacs. If you are going to consult, your client's perceived confidence in you is paramount. You'll need guys like this to back you up as part of your team of recommended vendors, and their prices are very reasonable. Give them a call, check out their site. | 859-635-5762 | Eric Bowen - | Dave Bond

    Note: I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, as they provided awesome guidance and are always only a phone call away, they earned my confidence and respect, which is no easy task.

    Arlee 'docizzen' Carson
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    The only issue I had with any laptop was the USB bus not being able to handle multiple camera inputs. Most USB ports share a Bus and therefore adding too many cameras can kill the feed.

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