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Thread: Software for different use computers

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    Software for different use computers

    Hi and thanks for looking at the third installment of my podcast odyssey.

    I always seem to come up with forum questions nobody has quite asked before. Here's another: I plan to do a fairly straight-forward prerecorded podcast with a single USB camera and a single USB audio feed from two mics on a Scarlett 2i2. This is for my business and the office is just two fairly large rooms.

    We'll shoot it in my office. My computer is an i5 Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with an SSD and HDD, 8 GB RAM and a Radeon 5450 GPU. I run three monitors with a Pluggable USB to VGA adapter which works really well. I disconnect that monitor to plug in the teleprompter. My assistant will be the editor, sound lady and teleprompter operator. The remaining two monitors are where she can see them. One mirrors the teleprompter and the other shows the video software.

    When we get what we need, she will go back to her computer and put the presentation together. Her computer is an i3-2120 dual-core with the HD Graphics 2000 -- just a stock Dell with two 22" HD monitors. The Foxcomm mobos and power supplies in these boxes are not robust but there is a spare PCI and PCI express slot for components that don't need much juice. It has the operating system as mine.

    These computers will be doing different jobs. The first will be accepting signals and storing rough audio/visual files. The second has to turn that information into a podcast. I can see using a single overlay, some cuts, fades and inserting still graphics -- PowerPoint would be nice. Other than that, we are talking basic.

    Now the questions: would you use different software for each computer based on their purpose? Part B; do I need to beef-up or replace the editing computer (swapping them isn't an option)?

    Cheers, sh
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