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Thread: Final Cut Output Settings / Is there a need for Compressor?

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    Final Cut Output Settings / Is there a need for Compressor?

    With the updates of Final Cut Pro X and Compressor, Apple has made it very simple and easy to get your feet wet on these apps and start creating.

    I am not starting a thread here of pro or con FCPX. Please don't let this go down that direction.

    My question is concerning the output of the final product. compressor 4.1 is VERY simple. (unless you read the Apple message boards).

    Do we want to output to Compressor .... THEN export it? Or is there a setting on FC that would allow quick transfer up to youtube.

    Thanks for the help.


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    FCP X can directly upload to Youtube from the share menu. I've heard mixed results on using this option, it could be different now. Encoding directly from FCP X utilizes the GPU which can speed up encoding. I could see using the export to Compressor option if you encode to several different formats, to utilize multiple cores of your CPU or use multiple macs to help render the video on a network.

    I would do some testing on several ways to see what is better/faster for you.

    Here is a few links that might be useful for you that are easy to understand on using Compressor 4.1:
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