Hey everyone,
I do a lot of the tech and video production at my High School, and I'm running into a little challenge with a Live Video Set Up. Essentially we want to do live morning announcements that go out to all the classrooms in the school. The Production end is easy. my setup is basically a FireWire cam, some mics, a mixer, and Wirecast with Live Virtual Sets and a Green Screen. The issue I am facing is what to do about a CDN. Obviously we can't use anything live Ustream, Justin, or Livestream because of the ads. The only other solution as a CDN goes would be Ustream's Watershed, but that's a bit pricy for our budget.

I tired to do a little research about hosting a local CDN. Anyone know what software we would use and how we would do this? I know Wirecast will stream to an RMTP server, so I did a little looking into Flash Media Server. All we need is a simple video player with audio that we could send the teachers a link to, or embed on a website.

Any ideas?