Stickam Just Launched something called Stickam VIP.

As a VIP you will not see any external advertising on Stickam
Your VIP badge will display wherever your profile thumbnail is shown
You’ll be featured on the top of the Who’s Live page when you go live
You’ll be featured in the top VIP section of the user list in any chat you join
Your username will be highlighted and positioned at the top of userlists (default sorting) in any chat or group you join
Your default photo will stand out everywhere it appears thanks to your VIP badge

Q: How much does VIP cost?
A: Stickam’s VIP plan costs $3.99/month or $39.99/year.
Q: Which ads are blocked?
A: VIP users will not see pre-roll video ads when browsing the site. Additionally, VIP users will see community ads in replace of external 300x250 ads, 728x90 ads, or 160x600 ads.
Q: I still see banner ads with a VIP Account! What’s the deal?
A: Stickam believes in building its current live COMMUNITY, therefore we try to promote our own community within the site. External banner ads are replaced with a less intrusive community ad. What can we say? We love our users.
Q: How does the Who’s Live Feature work?
A: VIP users will receive a special VIP badge and appear before all non-VIP users within the Who’s Live pages.