This may seem like an odd question, but I know someone might have a solution. To give you a little context, I use Wirecast as the switcher for all my shows. I also use Wirecast Toolbox to map keys for specific shots. Because of all the different shot types for different shows, each show is saved as a Wirecast template, so before I start streaming a show, I need to reload the Wirecast template for the given show.The issue that I have is that each time I do this, obviously Wirecast has to stop broadcasting, therefore kicking off all the live viewers. This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that when I load the new template and go live again, Ustream starts to play an ad to everyone watching.

I know that Ustream used to have the ability to stream over your broadcast. So for example, I would be broadcasting from Wirecast and I go live on another system. Ustream would give me the option to stream over the other stream. This would allow me to switch to another cam, load in the new Wirecast template, and return all while remaining live. I've checked over and over and I can't find this feature anymore. So does anyone know of a work around? Thanks!

Note: I have another computer with a cam I can stream from besides Wirceast if needed.