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Thread: Lets See Your Internet Broadcasting Studio

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    New York City
    My studio gear.


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    Broadcasting show in new studio location.
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    Part 2.

    I got a new computer, monitor and everything. Now I'm ready to compete with the big boys.

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    Oct 2014
    I am just starting out building my system but I do have the computers built:
    1) Mac Mini 2011 i5 2.3GHz 8GB RAM with the OCZ 120GB SSD as a main drive and OCZ 240GB SSD secondary drive for data, also have an external drive for Time Machine back up
    Also have a Thunderbolt Display attached and will get a second one later.


    2) MacBook Pro Retina 2014 i5 2.6GHz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

    Now its time to equip the rest of the system and purchase a larger desk for it all.

    I will say this forum is a lot of help when putting together a system. Thank you all that contribute.

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    May 2015

    Hey Guys. After spending thousands of dollars and mostly wasting my money, this is what I have boiled my studio down to.
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    A lot has happened in a year. I put the studio on hold after our old offices were robbed. In April, my friend and owner of Invention Pictures in Indianapolis bought an old Firehouse for his Video Production company. I moved my office/studio to that building. We had some work to do on it to get it looking good and get the studio setup for both him and me.

    I now have a dedicated podcast studio. Still a work in progress, but we have the following equipment:
    - Unique Bottoms Up Beer Whiskey Barrel Podcast Table
    - Presonus 16.0.2 Mixer
    - 6 Shure SM58 Microphones
    - 1 i7 fully loaded computer for Switching and Recording
    - 2 Skype Computers for bringing in Skype calls
    - 1 Video Camera (Canon Vixia)
    - 4 Web Cams (1 Logitech C920 and 3 Microsoft Lifecams)

    Hopefully in December the Shure SM58 mics will be replaced by SM7b mics. If not in December, in January for sure. I will be replacing the web cams with more standard video cameras following the new mics. After that, I will be adding more skype computers and then hopefully setting up a dedicated streaming computer.

    I have a new show that I was working on when the old studio was shut down that has been resumed and will launch in January. It is called Launchpad for Entrepreneurs. It is hosted by Josh Springer of Bottoms Up Beer. We have 9 episodes recorded and due to the nature of his traveling we have decided not to do a live stream as our recording times are varied.

    We also have a Craft Beer show that is in the works. Another show that should be coming around middle of next year will be a Madden Show hosted by an NFL player and will be my first gaming show.

    I also have some marketing companies in the area that are going to be utilizing the space for their own shows (hence where some of my money will come from, advertising the second stream and my main business of web and marketing is the third).

    The table works well and has 5 microphone spaces so I can remove mics that aren't needed. (

    The Studio will be sound treated with Auralex Treatments (an Indianapolis based company). The Sound isn't horrible without treatments, but will be more noticeable when I move to SM7b mics, so treatment is definitely needed.


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