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Thread: How to setup Basic Mix Minus with Skype!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomSinclair View Post
    Jase, Does this tutorial assume you have a USB mixer connected to your PC? If so, some clarification might keep someone like me from going crazy if I was not using a USB mixer. Just a thought.
    I don't think that makes any difference Tom. The trick is in the AuxSend, which both USB and Non-USB have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewzarian View Post
    Great video Jase. really helpful stuff
    Thanks Andrew!
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    I've used a mix minus rig in the past but now that I've upgraded to a USB mixer, I haven't seen a need for it. From what I can tell, by using the USB connection to the computer it acts as both an input and an output. With my setup right now I'm using the same machine to record, broadcast, and use Skype, and have a simple USB connection and have no issues with loop feedback. I don't doubt that a mix minus is better but I don't necessarily think it's something you have to do.

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    Skype has built-in echo cancellation. So long as you don't send it a complex waveform to cancel, it works fairly well. With a mix-minus feed, the complexity of the waveform is irrelevant.
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    I just watched your mixminus video on utube. Great job...I will give her a try. thanks very much for the simplicity of the video. 2 1/8 by 1/4 cables and turn down aux send on the skype channel....thats it have usb mixer. ...i have an alesis multimix8.

    After further review all worked great without usb ....wonder if it will work with usb installed? Tom, how do you connect with usb being connected?
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