1st of all I am sorry in advance if I am confusing things or mixing standards but just read the manual and watched many youtube but nothing replied my questions so far so I thought if you may help.
I would to know or understand the INSERT jack in the DBX 286s.
The reason for my question is that I want to connect my gear (DBX 286s, 131s, 166xs) and do not know if I should use the OUTPUT jack or the INSERT jack (in order to get the required result and make best use of the device).
Note: The manual says: "Use the Insert jack to interface between the Mic Preamp and the signalprocessing sections to “loop out” to external processors (such as EQ or delay unit) or to mix the Mic Preamp’s signal out to an external destination".
I do have an equalizer and another DBXs ... (286s, 131s, 166sx).
So what I understand is that the compressor would be the last thing in the chain (not my opinion but just what I've read in different recommendations).
If I am connecting my gear in this way what would be the right order and right cables especially number of rig in each cable.
i.e. microphone >xlr> 286s (MIC INPUT).
Now I've two options: 1) connect from 286s (OUTPUT). 2) INSERT.
Which one is the way to connect the EQ 131s?
What I understand is that if I want to use the insert option is cable must have more then one rig instead of 1 rig (do not know if I am right or wrong) so shall I use TRS or TRRS?
Especially that 166xs also has the INSERT option as well at the far right of the back panel.
So shall I connect and use the INSERT in the 166xs as well!?
Thanks and really looking forward to set it right.