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Thread: changes in podcasting from 2015 - 2016

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    Lightbulb changes in podcasting from 2015 - 2016

    Hey everyone. We are starting to get things going again on the forum for 2016.

    Here is the first question for everyone. What changes have you seen over the past year in the Podcasting world. Personally I think Live content has started to become a common thing over the past year.Another is much better video production.

    What do you think? what changes did you make to your podcast over the past year?

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    Though I am a new podcaster, I know that the trend is video and this is a good thing. Listeners want authentic talk & time. Video is taking us there and yes Andrew, technology is answering our questions and giving us product. As A matter of fact, somebody posted a video - Adobe Voice and the post was enough to make me investigate.
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    Our podcast got a little more structured over the last year. We have been making a concerted effort to keep it around 2 hours. That may seem long, but we've had some 4+ hour shows! It's been working out well, and we've also expanded to a second show with things that are off-topic on the main show. in 2016 I hope to do more live stuff. We can't do the main show live because of embargoed comic reviews, but I'd like to do something in that space.
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