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Thread: suggestions for headset

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    Question suggestions for headset

    I have gone through several headsets during the past couple years

    Thought I would jsut ask for suggestions from some of the pros here.

    I need over the ear "earphone" headset, with 1/4" to 3.5mm jack. Currently one of my headsets has a 3.5 that screws into the 1/4 connector. This is good feature. However, I think a 3.5 mm jack should do fine.
    Over the ear is important. When I am working is often for days at a time. In the ear, and on the ear headsets become very uncomfortable pressing in and on my ears.

    Monitors are great, but I rarely use them. They are too loud for my work. Yes, I think monitors are the best go, but the headsets don't create complaints and limiit when or where I can work. I do have a tendency to work very late and very early.

    Yes, I do need a good quality set...but I am on budget as well. The internet reviews all seem to be affiliate sites that say what the mfgr tells them to say...and link to them.

    I'd appreciate suggestions from real people doing real audio production... thanks
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