Wanted to take a new approach for getting some streams out to the various free CDN's
youtube.com, stream.me, streamup.com, dailymotion.com, connectcast.tv.

But was limited on upload bandwidth, i came across restream.io, and when i saw it i had a flashback of such a product reviewed by the Tech buzz months ago, thought it was the same, but after searching i realized it was Joicaster.co.

So i put the both services to test, my main test was for the ease of usage, i just like to "press and go" when it comes to production time, and not have to got thru a long check-list.

my check-list mainly has to bolded items.

"Press Record" | "Press Stream"

So i started my test with restream.io.

1. it was free
2. it was easy to setup
3. had most of the services that i have on my list (dacast fell under the paid option - Custom RTMP)

I had a few issues setting up youtube, due to the fact of not understanding what URL they wanted me to input from youtube, took me 2 minutes to figure it out (btw, i only use youtube live, hate changing the embedded code on website for each event)
Daily motion had same type of issue, but was done in 1 minute
stream.me, streamup and connectcast was piece of cake..

once i had them set up, i went to Wirecast, added the restream.io rtmp link and the streamkey along with credentials
press stream and it stayed red, no issues.

Went to my DM channel, and stream was there
went to my YT channel and stream was there
went to my SU channel and stream was there
went to my CC channel and stream was there
went to my SM channel and stream was there

wow, that was supper.........now depending on what event i'm broadcasting, i am covered all over..not bad....
what i like most about restream.io, is that all five channels were free...
i left it test from 10pm till about 8am next morning, got back, and stream was still running.

now won't go into to many details about Joicaster.co, as the setting up was a bit different, i had to take my time and go thru their console to understand what i'm doing.
When i added YT and DM, i find it strange already that i was not asked to what event or streamkey i wanted to stream to, so i was like confused, as to how would they connect to my channel.

Next i press stream in wire cast, i check the console, and there was the stream, not bad
went to my to the channels, i only tested YT, DM and Stream up, as those fell under the free version.
But when i went to all 3 channels, there were no video, strange, went back to joicaster, and saw that i had to press "Broadcast Now", this was my first turn off, cause when it comes time for production i don't need any additional steps in my work flow.
any way press "Broadcast Now" in no time stream up was green and ready to go, DM and YT took some time, and i was wondering why, all in mind i was thinking, it couldn't find the channel.

Ok, went to check YT, and what did i see, it created a whole new Event, and not make use of the YT Live Now, so that explains why it didn't ask for the stream key etc.
This approach does not fit my workflow, as this means, i would have to change my embedded code, for each event on my website.
I saw that you can save the event as a profile, didn't test to see if it would re-used the same event. was already turn off..
The same approach is used for Daily Motion. I didn't proceed with any more testing for joicaster, as it was a bit more extra work for my workflow.

i love the restream.io approach, simple and to the point, will do some more long testing with them.

They have a few ingest points in the US and EU, i have been working on the US ingest point, as that more closer to my location.

What i will do for a bit of redundancy is create two profiles in Wirecast, one to the US server and one to the EU server, so in the event the US server has issues, i can just start the EU profile stream.

I will send them an email, and find out more how their servers are set up, if the are already redundant clusters, or if the US servers falls out, my stream falls out too.

But all in all, i like the simplicity of restream.io