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Thread: Podcasting is a scam.

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    Podcasting is a scam.

    Sorry to hear it from me but it's true; I have been conned, manipulated and made to be the bad guy by certain people who are very high up on the chain. They have canceled shows, dropped community interaction and even made up lies about me just so I wouldn't be a "problem".

    1. I have never been a problem and 2, why did you cancel the FFA show? Because I called in?

    Anyways, I have donated money to these shows because I thought they were good. Truth is, all podcasts are repetitive, have no substantial content and only serve to entertain idiots because they don't know any better.

    And yes, every geek is an idiot.

    Wonder how they're getting money, it's not because of a format which is impossible to break into; it's because they're famous, have statue and get relationships with people who will get them in the door. I just wanna know where are all the other podcasters, why nobody else has gotten famous. Why only the big cats run podcasting.

    And why is all the content regurgitated?

    I swear, I can never escape this. No matter how hard I try; you keep having me in your grasp, why do you care about me? Don't you have something better to do than to focus on me?

    You're willing to destroy my career, my opportunities, everything all because you hate me? What the fuck man?

    I suspect this thread will be deleted because the people want to keep their money and the masses unaware of what's really going on; they're not smart, they're not intelligent, they're not even witty. They're people who are manipulating people for the sole purpose of a bigger picture to make more money than ever before.

    What happened to integrity? What happened to doing this for fun, what the fuck happened?

    You want your money, fine but leave me out of it. I'm done with this bullshit and I'm done with you Andrew.

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    Start Your Own Podcast

    You asked, "What happened to integrity? What happened to doing this for fun, what the fuck happened?" How about you start your own show. You don't need a network, you can start a podcast and run it for around a $1 a day. You will have complete freedom to do and say whatever you want. I have no idea what your original post was talking about, instead of getting upset, just start your own podcast and take that passion and move on.
    Dave Jackson
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    Not sure the context of your rant, but i share your anger in a way.

    Since i left terrestrial radio in 2013, my former employer seems to have a huge hard on for creating lies to try and keep me out of the broadcasting industry. though in many way, all his lies come back to haunt him.

    Go start your own podcast, be happy and don't let negativity hold you back.

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    What? Im so confused right now. I really dont understand anything you posted here.


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