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Thread: Best Microphone for Podcasting

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    Cool Best Microphone for Podcasting


    I have seen a discussion about this a few times but things change over time. What would you consider the best microphone for podcasting? I have tried a few different ones and right now have the ATR 2100. I like it but would like to get something a little better

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    What do you not like about the ATR2100? I have one sitting next to a RE320 from Electrovoice. The EV is $300 the ATR is $60. The EV is not $250 better. A Heil PR40 does not equal more listeners. A microphone will only bring you more listeners if your audio was un-listenable. Instead of focusing on microphones (and I'm guilty as charged as well) we need to focus on our audience, and creating content that will inspire them to tell their friends.
    Dave Jackson
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    Happy New year Dave and Podnutter!

    I actually was going to say the same thing as Dave. The ATR-2100 is more than enough for anyone doing a podcast. Here is my question for you Podnutter. Do you want to get something that looks a little "better" or are you looking to get better audio? If you are looking to get better audio look into learning the proper adjustments on your mixer (if you are using one) another option would be to look into something like the DBX 286. A little boom and sizzle can go a long way.

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    It's my understanding that the ATR 2100 is a great mic. Anybody still using a Rode Podcaster?

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