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Thread: Samsung's New 128GB RAM Chip

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    Samsung's New 128GB RAM Chip

    This is the latest chunk of RAM to roll off Samsung’s production line—and it squeezes a giddying 128GB into its svelte little frame.

    The chip, designed for big enterprise servers, uses Samsung’s “through silicon via” manufacturing technique. That allows the company to connect RAM chips vertically using electrodes passing through holes rather than more conventional wiring you find in other RAM. In turn, that allows it to build up memory into larger 3D stacks, to squeeze more into the same footprint.

    In this case, Samsung squeezes in 144 chips, arranged into 36 4GB packages, to provide 128 glorious gigabytes of memory. Samsung claims that the new chip “boasts the largest capacity and the highest energy efficiency of any DRAM modules today.” It’s zippy, too, running at 2,400 megabits per second.

    There’s no word yet on pricing. But it will likely be more expensive than you can justify for your humble little PC.

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    Very interesting. 2016 is going to be a good year considering how many new things are coming out. chipsets are coming out smaller and smaller


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