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Thread: Using two USB Mics

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    Lightbulb Using two USB Mics

    Hi guys. Since I seem to have started turmoil in another thread I will try one more time lol

    I have two USB Microphones that I would like to use but do not know a good application for them. Can someone suggest a way to use two USB mics to record my podcast. Both mo co host will be in the same room as me. I just dont want to take these mics and dump them.

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    Hi Richard,

    It is possible to use 2 USB mics to record. You will want to try to put them on 2 different USB bus. IF your computer has USB plugs in the front and the back, they are typically on different buses. Also, if you have USB 3 and USB 2 they will be on different busses.

    The next question is, what are you using to record the audio? What software? I guess I should not have assumed that you were recording audio on the computer.

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    it also depends on the type of Mics. I think I've heard that if you have two identical mics you might run into problems. What kind of Mics are they? If they're dual USB/XLR like the ATR2100 you could get an audio interface to connect them via XLR then that would connect via USB to your computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richardpell View Post
    Hi guys. Since I seem to have started turmoil in another thread I will try one more time lol
    Sorry Richard for hijacking your thread. It will not happen again.
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    It is possible to run two USB microphones into Audacity/ other audio recording software. What microphones are you currently using?

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