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Thread: Why all the talk About Money and not building an Audience

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    A lot of what you stated Mike Myers, is true. I also have much of my background in running sound systems for my Church. Been doing it since I was 14. Podcasting University Inc., is less then 40 days old. I switched all my accounts over to GoDaddy and since the names were purchased at HostMonster, less then 2 months ago, you must wait 60 days before they can transfer the names over to GoDaddy. Once done, I will make the migration myself.

    You are correct that I started Podcasting in April of this year. You are correct that I have stopped supporting two of the sites. I have also started business that have failed. It does not make me give up, it makes me try harder. All of my efforts are being spent for this new project.

    As far as my SEO goes, Google my Business or given name, tell me where they rank. You are correct I tell people that they do not need to spend money, to learn how to podcast. I still do. I make it very clear on our site that if you are not willing to make the sacrifice, you will be wasting you money. Here again, we target companies that do not have hundreds of hours to search the www, to learn how to do this.

    You also stated that "I also when searching for Podcasting University in google do not find you on the first page". According to the picture below, we are on the first page, number 3 and 4. I don't know, maybe you spelled it wrong. Yahoo and Bing, first page, number 1 ranking. I have those screen shot as well. Not really all that bad, since the first page was only published 27 days ago. I waited 7 days to do a search, we we on page 57. Less then three weeks, page 1, ranked 3rd and 4th. So ya Brother. I will place my SEO Skills against yours, anytime you feel the need to do so. Truth be told, I would rather explain to you, how I got there. As always, I will leave the choice to you.

    As far as the quality of my audio on a $20 mic, you are correct. It was an example to show someone, how easy it is to start podcasting. As far as the quality of my audio now, has it improved, yes it has. How can someone that has just started podcasting be a coach? Simple. You teach equipment as well as technique. Just as with anything in life, if you learn the proper way from the beginning, it will depend on you, how far you take that knowledge. Do me a favor and read any of my post or reply's, before this one. Show me anyone of them that has mislead anyone.

    As far as coming on this website and throwing around money and clout, you are incorrect. All you have to do is go back and read any of my post or reply's. It is only on this thread. I do not lurk this forum. I come here, sigh in, click the "Whats New" tab and read. If I like the post, I will reply, if not, I move on. 1 negative thread / response out of 80+ postings, not a bad percentage. As far as what you think about me, my audio or my business, well, we will just leave it at that. Since I do not reley on you for any business advice, your opinion is just like every one else. Just an opinion, no different then mine.

    @Andrew. Yes that is the form I filled out and no, I never said I was attacked on a personal level. No where on the thread will you see, me saying that. I simple replied to a post, with my opinion. That's it. I will forward you the e-mail between myself and Mike, when I finish this post, concerning this forum, sent back around the 8th or 9th of October. I have sent you the e-mail.

    As far as our business plan. We don't have 120 self help videos up and that's what you pay for, like JD for $2,950.00. That is why we have a world time calculator on our website. We teach via one on one through video chat, as well as desk top capturing software. If it is 3 pm in Scotland and 1 am here, I will be at my desk at 12:50 am, waiting for you to sign in. If it takes 30 min or three hours, you will have your questions answered as well as putting your hands on the very project, you are having problems with.

    The first question I ask someone, is their request for business or for a hobby. If it is a hobby, I send them to this forum. I have done it close to 10 times now, since I have been posting here. If it is for business, then we discuss their business plan first, here again, just so they don't buy into the hype of making money, right out of the gate, through podcasting. Like any of my business plans, I do not look 6 months down the road. I look 5 years into the future.

    If anyone disagrees with this, fine. Invest your money, set up you business as you see fit and run with it. That is why I made the statement of being paid up till 2025. It shows longevity. Same reason I post my Corp papers on the front page. Not to impress anyone. It only cost $97.00 in the Commonwealth of Virgina and takes about 20 min to complete the process, online. As far as impressing a CEO that we are in negotiations with, so far, we have received 100% "Wow Factor", for doing so and that is just what we wanted to achieve.

    I enjoy this forum Andrew, just like it states in the e-mail I forwarded to you. Do me a favor, as you read it, I hope you will see the sincerity, in which it was written.

    @mcphilips. I have watched two of your videos. Didn't care for either one of them, since they both attack what I do. Like I said before, no where in your two videos, did you bother to make a distinction between the two groups. Just that simple. Your response to this thread, well, lets just say it was very "Mike like". I am sure that if I made a blanket statement about Broadcasters, in a negative way, the flood gates would open very quickly. Here again, just my opinion. I am sorry, I don't like every thing you do.

    So here goes. I apologize to any and all that I have offended, by giving my opinion. Mike, I am sorry I took your videos they way I did. To the young man who I have on my ignore list. I have Grand Children older then you, and I am not in the habit of taking sh*t from them either. However, since people on this forum have went out of their way to stand up for you, I apologize to you as well.

    Andrew, I apologize to you for letting this crap get out of hand on your forum. I can assure you, I will not get sucked in again. Like most others, I have better things to do then participate in a pi**ing contest, when my only desire is to learn as well as pass on knowledge. Now, you do not know me, any more then I know you or the the members of this forum. I can assure you, my apologies are sincere as well as from the heart.
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    I was a few days off the site and look at what happens. Bro this is funny.
    you best get steppin

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    @Andrewzarian Please move my post to another thread if you feel it is taking away from the discussion on hand here

    @Dana. I took a look at what you are saying about SEO and I just want to give a little feedback on this. Having good SEO is much more than just doing a search for your exact company name. I saw the example you showed for Podcasting University Inc. but let me give you a little bit of insight.

    The websites domain and the name of the site is Podcasting University. If I search for Podcasting School on google and Podcasting University I do not see you coming up at all on the front page.

    Personally I wish you the best but I can not see getting advice from someone on podcasting who has very little to no experience in it. People like Dave and Cliff have been doing this a long time. How can you coach people on podcasting if you have no experience along with zero success in creating a popular podcast.

    Second there is no war on podcasters here lol. We are all podcasters.

    peace and love

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    With all due respect Paul, I simply responded to your post. I explained why the sites had names that did not reflect the website. I can not migrate them over, till GoDaddy gives me an e-mail, stating the domain names have been transferred. As far as my SEO work, I respect your opinion. Google wants $14,000 per month for key word domination.

    I am not going to pay it. As far as my skills to teach others, I respect your opinion. I really don't need to know how a computer works, to instruct someone on how to turn it on. I don't have to have the knowledge to code Windows 8.1, to instruct someone on how to use it.

    As far as Dave and Cliff, I respect your opinion. As far as Dave goes, I watch his videos on a regular basis. As far as Cliff goes, I have very little respect for the man. My choice. I have a few e-mails from Cliff, shoot me a PM with your e-mail address, I will send them right to you. As far as Andrew moving threads, I wish he would just delete this one, if nothing else, close it.

    I replied to your post about your interference problem, before I replied to this one. I had no idea you even replied back. I have no idea if my opinion / advice / suggestion will work for you concerning your problem, if it does, great, if it does not, then all it did was cost you nothing to read it. But, at least, I did try.

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