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Thread: No Podcasting App on the new Apple TV

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    So This is going to come as a shock for many people but Apple has removed the Podcast feature from the latest version of the APPLE TV. I was at my sisters house over the weekend and spent some time with the new apple TV. Its very nice but what gives! Where is the Podcast feature ? This is bad news for many podcasters.

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    Are there no apps that can be used with the new Apple TV that will access podcasts?
    Or, perhaps, some authors have their own apps that are, or will soon be, available on the new Apple TV.
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    Interesting why they would remove the Apple Podcast app from the Apple TV. I expect there to be plenty of podcasting apps that make their way over to Apple TV in the coming months.

    Apple removing the app most likely means many people did not access podcast via the TV.

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    But there's the addition of live streaming apps. Livestream and Periscope are two examples. YouTube's live streams I believe are accessible through their app.

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