Hey guys, this is Steve from Podnutz.com.

I am the owner and founder of the Podnutz Tech Podcast Network. I have been podcasting for 4 years and have had an absolute blast doing it. Podnutz has blossomed into a full and thriving site and community. We have a great Alexa Ranking and thousands of listeners and forum members. I am however having a career change into the music industry and I don't have the drive or knowledge I once did regarding the topics I cover in my podcasts. I'm looking for someone who is interested in carrying on my network who has passion for tech/computers and helping people, and I am therefore putting the network up for sale.

I first announced the sale in episode 350 of Podnutz Daily (podnutz.com/pnd350) if you have an interest and want more info. It's only a 7 min show that is goes over the announcement and the reasons for selling.