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Thread: Story of a man quitting podcasting - The last podcast

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    Story of a man quitting podcasting - The last podcast

    This was very interesting. Im sad to hear a fellow IAIB member is leaving the world of podcasting. Donovan I can hear the sadness in your voice when recording. You are no longer in love with Podcasting and you are right, its time to move on to something else.



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    Very interesting listen. I wish him luck!
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    Everyone who's in podcasting might want to listen to this episode, particularly the part where the "consultants" are doing harm. Building a podcasting audience is hard work. Unless you are willing to work yourself to the bone to be successful, your time might be better invested elsewhere. Even when you do a lot of things right, like Donovan, has done, there is no guarantee of success.
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    Sorry to see him go. He was one of the good ones

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    @Donovan. Like the others, without knowing you like they do, I hate to see you go.
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    Hey Man I heard you were coming back. Thats awesome!
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    I guess it's in my blood. I think taking a break from it was a good thing. It let me readjust my expectations and also made me realize something - I podcast for me and not everyone else. If I enjoy it and feel good about the message and content that I deliver, then that's all I should need. I lost sight of that - I was trying to be...well, liked. No other way to put it. I wanted to be the "in" thing, you know? Do I still want to be liked? Sure, who doesn't? But it's not my focus any longer. Delivering something that touches even a single person makes it worth it most days.

    I still have my days where I feel like I'm wasting my time, but then I look in the mirror, and shriek in terror (kidding)...I look in the mirror and remember who I'm doing this for. Me...and those handful of people that might just appreciate it.
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