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Thread: Best soundcard for podcasting 2015

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    Best soundcard for podcasting 2015

    I am looking for a Soundcard for a new computer i am going to build soon. I would like a good Soundcard that will be supported by windows 10. I know that Mike Phillips and others have suggested the Delta 1010. I need something that I know will be supported with drivers and is possibly PCI-E

    The other question I have is if USB Soundcards would be as good as a PCI-E ? If so what would you consider one of the better USB cards.

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    This is the question many have asked in the past. I know there are many high end PCI-E sound cards that you can buy but its going to cost you a pretty penny.

    The UCA 202 is a really good external USB sound card.

    Another card to look into is the ASUS Sound Card Essence STX II . I have heard good things about the card but have yet to try it out.

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