I've got my podcast going and uploaded my third episode yesterday. I've got a few bands/musicians who want to do interviews and before I set up anything I wanted to get some feedback on what is appropriate equipment wise.

I have actually done one interview already, a phone interview which I used TapeACall with, but the quality wasn't very good so I'm going to be investigating recording over Skype or alternate means. However, I've yet to do an in person interview. My current recording equipment situation is my HP Pavillion Entertainment PC along with a CAD U1000 USB Condenser Mic that I bought bundled with a carrying case and monitor headphones using Audacity to record. I'd like to use Reaper for my editing and recording, but due to memory issues it often has brief hiccups when recording where it stops for like .25 seconds before starting again.

I've seen people with pocket recording devices used for interviews and wondered if it would be better to invest in one of those before I went after any interviews.

Would what I have now be alright? Or should I invest in a good quality pocket recorder?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!