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Thread: Prep Guest to be on your Podcast?

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    Prep Guest to be on your Podcast?

    Question for my fellow podcasters who regularly have a guest on their podcast. How do you prepare your guests to be on your show. what do you tell them before coming on?

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    While our podcast is not like most, we do prepare guests prior to their appearance. We do this for two reasons. First, to ensure that their Skype connection (video and audio) is sufficient for our purposes. Secondly, we want to make sure they understand the format of the broadcast and how things work, backstage.

    We, typically, get with our guests the week prior to the broadcast and show them how everything operates. Our broadcast requires that they have access to private areas of the site and that they are able to manipulate those areas. We, also, want to ensure that their connection is sufficient for broadcast. We try to warn them away from using a wireless connection. We want to help them with their lighting and microphone. We also, and most importantly, want to get to know them.

    After our initial pre-show setup with them, on the day of the broadcast we get everyone online and connected 30 minutes prior to show time, in order to work out any technical issues, or left over questions that may arise. During this time we review how everything works too. After that it is all fun and game (so to say).
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    There was a great image someone posted here a year or so ago that gave a guideline on what to tell your guests.

    1. Wired internet connection

    2. HD Camera

    3. Non bult in microphone

    thats pretty much what I tell my guests

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    I'd say good lighting is very important. I had a live show a few years ago. I was unable to proceed with a couple desks because of terrible lighting.

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