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Thread: Why do a video podcast?

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    Why do a video podcast?

    With the recent news of Twit ending live content It got me thinking about video podcasts. Who is actually watching video podcasts over audio? Even when I am watching a video podcast i never really watch the show I tend to listen to it more often.

    So the question here is : Is it worth the headache to create a video podcast when most people will listen to it regardless

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    Video isn't important for most of the shows I consume, but for some like What The Tech I do download the video version because if I'm not listening while doing other things I do watch it.

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    I just dont know of there is any sort of advantage to doing video. Will people be more likey to download or give your show a try if they see you are also doing video ?

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    Video is a better medium because viewers are involved in the content of the message. Video requires dedication of seeing and hearing or almost all of a viewers attention. Video is important if the message cannot be replaced when pictures and images are important to good communication.

    Audio podcasting is excellent, because it allows listeners to listen on the go. Listeners of podcasts can do their workouts, drivie to work, waiting or otherwise have nothing else to do. Basically, listeners can go about their lives doing all manner of things while listening to your audio podcasts.

    I suggest to do some videos on your website, because video does attract attention, yet concentrate on audio podcasts.

    Retention of viewers is difficult for videos. A good example is movie trailers on youtube. You will find they are action packed and last not over 2-1/2 minutes. That is correct that is optimum retention time for videos on average. If you make videos ten minutes are more the viewer has to be extremely interested in the your information to stay with your video.

    Retention of audio listeners is very high, because listeners will often listen for a hour or longer because they can do all the things they would be doing otherwise. If they are driving, jogging, working out, eating alone, etc. There is a world of multi-taskers who are interested in learning new things, but don't have time to spare.

    Don't evaluate viewers or listeners of your presentations by music buffs. Music and entertainment buffs are in their own reality and you have to go there with your content to keep their interest.

    Audio podcasting is undoubtably the best medium to promote information. Video is excellent, but it does require dedication and patience of viewers to stay with your message... as viewers are captured in a manner of speaking to view videos.

    This may be a bit redundant...Good video presentations should always be scripted, prepared and edited for best viewer retention.
    It can take days to prepare a competent video. If you mumble around with uh and ah in videos you will lose your viewers almost immediately. I always try to consolidate and carefully articulate the message in videos as possible.

    Audio is significantly different. You create your audio script and then create the audio podcast often within a few hours. You can even have some uh and ah and people will stay with you, because they don't think they are wasting time.

    It is amazing how people revere their time, and waste so much of it. LOL

    A note on live streaming -
    I have a pretty good setup for livestreaming... I have given up for the most part for one speciific reason. It is very difficult to keep audience unless you are sharing information viewers are intent to learn about. Works great with live interviews and live events, because people will tolerate alot of lousy broadcasting workflow when they interested in the information.

    You really have to work at it to to have interesting guests and events to hold the attention of viewers when you live stream. Yes, you could do a show like sports talk, political talk, etc and people that are interested in those types of discussions are definitely out there.

    View the television shows for a good format pattern. The view, the five, and almost all live stream shows have input during the broadcast from many persons sharing. Producers in the background are doing research and tweaking information to the actors constantly during the broadcast. This takes alot of resources to keep the show interesting to viewers.

    Youtube hangouts provides a good venue for live streaming. You have hangout involved participants, and a chat board. This provides many information inputs during the broadcast.

    Yet, hangout live stream events are rarely worth watching. The participants are so unorganized the content topic becomes obscure and unconnected. Trivial chit chat and occasional referrals to the actual content is commonplace. I basically conclude it rare to see a competent hangout presentation.
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