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Thread: Running contests on your Podcast

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    Running contests on your Podcast

    Does anyone here have experience with running contests. I am looking to give away a few amazon gift cards but wanted to know if there is anything legally that I can or cant do

    Any advice is welcome

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    We've run some contests and have given away some comic trade paperbacks and Transformers (we're a Transformers focused show). For one contest we had people use a twitter hashtag to enter and we randomly picked from the entrants, and the last one we did was for our 1 year anniversary and we had people send in an audio clip and each of our four hosts ranked the ones we liked and picked the favorite. I don't know if there's any legal problems with what we did, but we don't think there's any problem.

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    I gave away a year at the School of Podcasting for filling out a survey. There is a plugin call contest blitz. I spoke about it on my podcast
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