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Thread: What Casues RF interference

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    What Casues RF interference

    I recently moved my "Podcast Studio" to my garage hoping to get away from the kids and its turning out to be a big problem. I think im picking up RF interference in the room. I heard a buzz and it gets louder if i move my microphone around the room.

    What can I do to fix this problem other than moving back inside the house

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    Is this something I need to be concerned about ?

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    What kind of lights are used in the garage? Might also take a look at the way the power is run - are there exposed power conduits?
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    The lighting can cause the interference with the audio. Also bad wiring can do a reason for the interference. I had this problem in one of the rooms in my house. An extension was put on the house in the late 90's and the wiring was pretty bad.

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