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Thread: Cost for a live weekly video podcast

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    Cost for a live weekly video podcast

    I am getting my feet wet with podcasting and want to try out doing it live. Would somone be able to give me some sort of cost for hardware and production. I am looking to do a weekly live video podcast.

    Pretty much what type of computer and equipment would I need to pull something off.

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    Hi Richard,

    It depends on how out there you want to get. The simplest solution would be 2 webcams and an i7 computer. here is a list of hardware I would suggest to get started. note you can probably do this cheeper and im sure others will suggest other options. This is just my recommendation and not the end all be all

    1. Microphone - ATR 2100

    2. Camera - Logitech c920

    3. Mixer - BEHRINGER XENYX X1204USB

    4. Desktop - Dell XPS X8700-1261BLK Desktop (shop around for a Computer this is just a suggestion)

    5. Lighting CowboyStudio 2275 Watt Digital Video

    Im sure im missing a few things here but this is a good start.

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