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Thread: Looking for an android app that is very similar to bossjock

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    Looking for an android app that is very similar to bossjock

    The information harvesting with Apple is unreal, and opting out has become very difficult.
    The push technology really angers me, because I know they are putting my information out there.
    Also, the price for service and the contracts is a bit much.
    Still with the Verizon. My contract is up and I want to get out of the contract loop.

    Not expecting much more from Google, but at least I will give it a go. I was with android a couple years ago, and the service was reasonable, no contracts, all data free and I had access to apps that prohibited alot of the information harvesting.

    Been using the BossJock, an excellent app. It is a shame they aren't into Android.

    I was hoping the Soundmeeter developer might extend the software with a soundboard, since they do produce a commercial sound board tools.

    If I cannot find a sensible solution. I will revert all my work to my laptop and PC.

    I have an Android pad 4GLTE, which was gifted to me when I last renewed Verizon contract. It is still in the box..."new". It is for setting account with Google. I haven't looked into it, but since Verizon gave it too me I probably would have to maintain my Verizon account to use it. Afterall, it was a gift for contracting with Verizon.

    I hate to throw valuable looking stuff like that away, but I'm thinking it is proprietary to Verizon and pretty well worthless without Verizon account.

    Yes, the bossjock will be missed as it is exceptional for on the fly work. All you need is a ear buds with a mic and you are in business.

    All suggestions welcome.

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    Look what I found

    From what I see, and what I have read this will do the trick for laptop and desktop. The people using the radiodj are raving about it...and it's freeeeeeee

    Here is a possible Android way


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