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Thread: Cant get audio level loud enough

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    Cant get audio level loud enough

    I have been tweaking with my audio for a while now and cant seem to fix the levels. I have also noticed that many Podcasts I listen to have a similar problem.

    It seems like my audio is always too low. If i go any higher the audio gets distorted. Is there anything I can do to fix this. I have a small Mackie mixer and my microphone is an ATR2100.

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    If you use skype for your podcast with other people turn off Auto Gain Control ( Automatically control volume check box ). It will always try to compensate. It is necessary to control the volume manually.
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    We record by doing a double-ender and had that problem until we started using a compressor like Levelator on our source files (after doing noise removal). That really helps get everything onto the same volume level.

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    If your mixer is set at the right level, you need to look at the next link in the chain, your computer. Open the Windows (or Mac/Linux) sound mixer and check that the input levels there are the same as your mixer. Often these are set too low. You can usually have them at 100%.

    If the input levels are OK, do the same with your broadcasting/recording software. Then the Output levels on your streaming software, and so on along the chain.

    This issue has nothing to do with audio processors such as compressors etc.
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    As Andrew said take a look at your chain. Start with the mixer and make sure the levels are fine here. If you are listening directly into the mixer how does it sound? I had the same issue when I was using a Mackie 1402 VLZ3. My problem was that the mixer was not leveled properly.

    Can you let us know what else you have connected. any preamps/ compressors? What type of computer/ soundcard?

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