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Thread: Servers

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    As I am in the process of re-working our website from the ground up I am looking at making it as fast as possible while reducing unnecessary bandwidth and maximizing our ability to handle traffic as we already had one major burst of traffic that shut us down.

    That being said, what are your setups?

    Currently we have a very modest setup with a VPS that has 1 Core Dedicated CPU, 2GB RAM, 120 GB RAID 10 Disk Space, 10 Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth (~3300GB). All of our media files are offloaded to Amazon S3.

    As we have begun to severely outgrow that I am looking at beefing everything up.

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    I use a VPS from AllGamer.Net. I use their Elite VPS which has gone up to $30/month but I'm currently paying $25. They've had some downtime from time to time, but for the money, it performs pretty well for me.

    My VPS stats:

    OS: Linux
    RAM: 1024MB
    Disk Space: 40GB
    vCPU Cores: 3
    Transfer: 1500GB

    Mine is a non-managed VPS, loaded with Ubuntu 64Bit and VirtualMin for site management.
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