TrekCore's Youtube channel has been taken down due to copyright claims on its SD and HD Star Trek comparisons. In their post on it, Trek Core expressed surprise that a project that reflected so positively on the Blu-ray releases and had been shared by CBS' social media would fall victim to the takedown process.
Squiggyfm posted,
I used to admin NASA TV's Youtube Channel. We got hit by copywrite bots too. How, I don't exactly know since NASA's stuff is all public domain.
KristoferB wrote,
The whole system on YouTube is messed up. I recently had a video pulled and a strike added to my account because the video got popular. I didn't even realize the video got popular, it was an unboxing of a new gaming mouse, and this was a couple/few months ago. I noticed it was re-tweeted and shared a lot sure but YouTube says I paid a marketing company to artificially inflate the views so they deleted the video and re-uploaded it with zero views. I tried to appeal it several but all I got was automated responses for the most part and they basically said that they just knew however they did that I paid a marketing company to get more views and that was that, I was guilty and there was nothing I could do to prove my innocence. I did none of this of course, my YouTube channel is not important enough for me to spend money on promoting it. It's all broken from what I can see.