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Thread: New Screen Capture in VidBlaster Version 3.30 released today

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    Exclamation New Screen Capture in VidBlaster Version 3.30 released today

    The newest VidBlaster beta, version 3.30, was released today in the wild. It has two major changes: a new Screen Capture Module and new Recorder Module that will record to several different formats based on user requests (mkv, ts, mp4, mpg). You can download the Trial Edition and test this new beta for free here.

    I'll be reviewing this new beta on today's show at 3 ET/8 UK.

    BTW - you can access the beta features (hidden to protect newbies) by holding down CTRL and Shift when selecting a menu. Hidden beta features will appear on the drop down list with other features.

    Here's the official feature and bug fix list...
    Two new modules in this release of VidBlaster: a new, more robust, Recorder II module that introduces several new formats, and a new, light, Screen Capture module that replaces the screen capture capabilities of the old Camera I module and includes capturing of (partially) hidden windows.

    Here's a brief overview of the most important changes since the last version:

    • Added Recorder II module (hidden beta).
    • Added Screen Capture module (hidden beta).
    • Player: added aspectratio & playing pins.
    • Still Store: added support for loading PNG format.
    • Still Store: Clear also clears display and name of currently loaded file.
    • Audio Player: added warning when opening file if no audio device selected.
    • Diagnostics: fixed stability issue in Video diagnostic.
    • Diagnostics: fixed default tab, now Summary.
    • Switcher: fixed bug in localization.
    • Streamer: default audio codec for Sunday Stream SE is AAC.

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    Here's a look at v3.30:

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    Tom have there been changes to the CPU usage. I can use vidblaster on my laptop and i am maxing at 100%. If I use wirecast its around 30%

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    I don't think there have been any changes to v3.30 as compared to v3.26 (previous public beta) other than the addition of the Screen Capture Module (aka Window Capture Module), the new Recorder Module and some assorted minor mods. Are you using either of these new modules? What are you doing when CPU is at 100%... recording? streaming? What's your CPU?

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