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Thread: vMix 14 Released - free upgrade for recent buyers

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    vMix 14 Released - free upgrade for recent buyers

    vMix 14 was released last week. Here are some for the changes and updates. If you have purchased vMix within the last year, I believe you can upgrade to vMix 14 for free. I'll be reviewing some of these new features on Streaming Idiots on Wednesday (10/1).

    I did a review of the beta release of vMix 14 several weeks ago. It is available on YouTube here if you're interested.

    You can download vMix 14 here.

    Release Notes for vMix 14 - 25 September 2014


    • New FFMPEG based streaming support. Provides built in x264 / AAC streaming up to Ultra HD
    • Supports up to three bitrates or up to three separate streaming destinations. See help file for more information
    • Added Meridix CDN integration


    • AJA Io4K and Kona LHi supported for both input and output
    • Added new Camera dropdown option for Blackmagic devices with better format support

    Video Processing

    • New Video Engine with full support for interlaced input, output and recording formats
    • Deinterlacing is now automatic depending on output format
    • Improved frame rate conversion from MOV and MXF sources
    • Improved playback of multiple RTMP streams and Flash videos


    • Improved audio processing quality and stability
    • New SeparateMono option separates a stereo input into two independently controllable Mono audio inputs
    • A combined audio meter can now be viewed on RTMP/Flash inputs
    • MP3 recording audio bit rate selection box added with support for up to 192kbps


    • vMix can now automatically restart after settings are changed
    • General improvements and fixes for Fullscreen settings


    • List editor window has a new Export button to export list as .M3U
    • List entries can be Interlaced flag set for new Video Engine

    User Interface

    • Main window and audio mixer positions are now saved
    • If Mouse Click Action is not set to Preview, Cut button under input becomes Preview button
    • Fullscreen dropdown menu changes dynamically depending on
    • Updated folder browse dialog for inputs such as Photos
    • Active in Web Interface renamed to Output


    • CutDirect, SetOutputFullscreen2 and audio bus related shortcuts added. See Shortcut Function Reference in Help for more info


    • Fixed XAML jitter under some system configurations
    • Fixed AAC decoding issue on some RTSP sources
    • Some volume controls were beign displayed for recordings when volume changes were not possible
    • Fixed UI display issues when Windows set to custom DPI
    • Disabled Always On Top for detached audio mixer since it was preventing vNux from closing
    • Resetting offline input was not resetting any attached virtual inputs
    • Reduced flicker when changing volume API
    • New Blackmagic external output device option was not setting connector type
    • WMV recording was rounding 29.97fps to 30
    • Fixed Title Designer issues with some fonts
    • Fixed input selection issue in triggers when input was removed
    • SWF files were playing to quickly
    • Fixed quality issue with MPEG-2 TS recordings
    • Some password symbols did not work with integrated streaming providers
    • SelectIndex shortcut was not working correctly on Virtual Sets
    • Fixed frmfull dispose error
    • Disabled Magewell driver deinterlacing to allow vMix to deinterlace instead
    • Fixed preset not loading zoom speed settings in VirtualSet
    • Fixed playback issues when playing MP3 through FFMPEG
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    Im traveling all next week but once I get back im going to have to install a copy on my main production machine. We are using a Kona 3g and Kona 4 capture device with Wirecast right now. Sadly there are some issues with frame rate/ frame skipping. I would love to see how it performs in VMix

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    I'd be interested to hear how that test comes out. Your streams look good; have not noticed any dropped frames.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomSinclair View Post
    I'd be interested to hear how that test comes out. Your streams look good; have not noticed any dropped frames.
    Andrew is a LOT younger than you are. Maybe it's a vision thing.
    Please direct all questions for me to the forum so that all can benefit.


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