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Thread: Wirecast 6 Pricing

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    Angry Wirecast 6 Pricing

    Am I missing something here? If i have Wirecast 5 pro its going to cost me 300 dollars to upgrade to wirecast 6 pro. This seems extremely excessive considering many of us upgraded a year ago to Wirecast 5. I can not see spending 300 dollars every single year to upgrade.

    I have been a strong supporter of Wirecast for a long time but this I can not support.
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    Senior Member AlBurr's Avatar
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    I am in the same boat... but look at the silver lining. If you had spent the extra $199 for premium support you'd only have to pay $225 for the upgrade... oh wait...crap that would mean you'd be paying $424. Sorry the sarcasm is strong with me this morning

    I posted my opinions in the other thread on this topic...
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    Looks to me like Wirecast 6 is going to be a game changer and worth every penny.

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    I am interested to see if they are going to go over to a subscription based model. I have no problem paying a sub fee every year to use the software. I think the issue will be that the average user of the software just spent a few 100 bucks on it last year and they are being asked to upgrade again.

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