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Thread: How to Convert HD AVCHD from Sony A5100 to MOV for iMoive

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    How to Convert HD AVCHD from Sony A5100 to MOV for iMoive

    Summary: With Sony mirror less cameras gaining their popularity, the conversion of their HD AVCHD to MOV for iMoive is becoming a problem. So how should we transcode Sony A5100 Full HD AVCHD to MOV for iMoive? This article is special for this.

    Today, Sony released a new entry-level mirror less camera – Sony A5100. It is a powerful camera with high cost performance. This camera features a 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor and a super-fast autofocus system. These enable the high quality of its output files. For appealing to the young customers, Sony A5100 equips a 180 degree rotation screen and a build-in WIFI. They will bring great convenience to make composing selfies and uploading them to the computer!

    In spite of the powerful functions Sony A5100 has, if we don’t do well in the postproduction of the output files, the final works will never escape the mediocrity. So the postproduction of them turns out to the key to get satisfying works. Final Cut Pro is such kind of practical video editing software. But as we all know, it has high requirements for its importing formats. What we also need is a powerful converter. Here I want to recommend you a piece of nice software – Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac which focuses on converting AVCHD to MOV for iMoive.

    Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac is a really rewarding video conversion media kit with enormous practical and humanized functions. It most satisfies the people who work closely to the different kinds of videos because multiple video formats are allowed to be input to it! As we all know, the loss of quality about videos during the conversion is unavoidable. But to my great surprise, the output video from Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac keeps its high quality! You can hardly tell the difference of quality between the output video and the source video!

    Best of all, after the conversion through it, you can conveniently watch DVD movie or film on your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV etc. Also this iMedia program enables you upload converted movies to online video websites. What I appreciate most is that Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac brings AVCHD and MXF Videos to Player and Editor! As is well known, AVCHD and MXF are the most popular formats from common professional camcorders. This means you get Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac, and you will get the best postproduction of camcorder videos! (That’s just what we need for Sony A5100!)

    Step1. Get this iMedia Converter for Mac installed. Click “Add video” to load individual MTS video or click "Add from folder" to load the entire folder. Also, drag directly to its interface is also allowed. (Click here to free try the windows version.)

    Step2. Click “Format” and choose “MOV > iMoive (*mov)”.

    Step3. Click “Settings” to customize your video size, bitrate, frame rate and check video channels that you want to convert.

    Step4. Click the yellow arrow to start converting Sony A5100 Full HD AVCHD to to MOV for iMoive.

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    So are you liking this camera? I have been just about ready to pull the trigger on this one. The only thing that has stopped me is the lack of audio input, which I can work around if I have to. I like the 180 flip up screen best for framing shots on videos/vlogs.
    Get a PC!


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