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Thread: Hello from St. Louis, MO

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    Junior Member ChrisMcManamy's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    St. Louis, MO

    Hello from St. Louis, MO

    This is Chris from St. Louis, MO.

    I am relatively new to podcasting on my own, and I recently launched my own brand called the Hardcore Tech Show at that specializes in sharing my knowledge in IT (a decade of experience), technology, and gadgets with everyone and hoping to provide great content. I've posted 4 episodes so far, and it's pretty rough around the edges I think. I fully realize I will become even better with time. I definitely welcome any and all feedback with an open mind.

    I am also involved as a co-host on the recently launched Wrestling Informant radio show at As you might have guessed, it's a wrestling podcast. It's mainly run by my good friend Gary, and we provide daily audio updates in a membership format, and free weekly audio updates that we record on Sunday afternoons.

    On a side note, we also do a live broadcasted show called The Shoot which can be found at We broadcast live every Sunday from 4-6pm EST. I joined this program 1 year ago this month. This used to be wrestling based, but since we moved that over to Wrestling Informant, we focus more on our lives and interests (more on the entertainment side).

    I look forward to interacting with everyone here.



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    Senior Member Dan Ortego's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Yuma, Arizona
    Welcome aboard Chris!
    My top-secret email address is: DanOrtego {at} gmail

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    Moderator / IAIB Pro Broadcaster mcphillips's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    North Carolina
    Welcome! We're glad to have you here.
    Please direct all questions for me to the forum so that all can benefit.

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    Aug 2014
    Hoboken, NJ
    Cool, I will give it a listen. I also do a wrestling podcast, specifically about NXT.

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    Administrator andrewzarian's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Queens NY
    Great to see more wrestling podcasters on the IAIB. I have been doing Mat Men for almost two years now.


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