Allowing users the best of both worlds VidBlaster users can now use either FMLE, output via a VVD to an external encoder such as Wirecast or hardware encoder, or use the newly developed Streamer III module, This new module seems very efficient and robust based on initial testing. It appears to acheive 10-15 % greater CPU efficiency over FMLE with the same input sources.

"it also includes AAC audio compression for HTML5 compatible streams and is much easier to use. Tests on various hardware has also shown it is considerably much lighter on resources, and includes various compression settings to even further reduce CPU usage when necessary.

Here's a brief overview of the most important changes since the last version:

Recorder: added recording format MPEG-1 Master (lighter on resources).
Added Streamer III (hidden beta).
Playout controller now hidden beta.
Fixed generic stability issue.
Signal Generator: Beeps now at -24 dBFS, -18 dBFS every 10 s with long beep at whole minute.
Signal Generator: removed unused popup menu entries Save As & Source.
Signal Generator: fixed stability issue.
Signal Generator: now syncs to master clock (was free running).
Diagnostics: added Data diagnostic (bit rate monitoring).
Popup menu's Save Debug Log moved to File | Save Service Log (hidden). "

VidBlaster users can dowload the latest beta by visiting the Vidblaster Forum. Please note the forum post instructions as to how to access the beta features.