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Thread: 1080p streaming

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    Lightbulb 1080p streaming

    Is anyone here doing 1080p streaming? Just wanted to know how much more CPU intensive it is compared to 720p?

    What are some issues you have faced? Have your viewers noticed a difference?

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    Oct 2012
    Not really. 1080p is a big pain in the butt for most people. Netflix is barely doing it currently

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    I am doing 1080p streaming almost daily. It can stress the CPU but the issue comes to bandwidth. The system I am using is optimized for streaming in all resolutions and the CPU is only spiked when it is needed, not all the time. I am using the Paladin and I am very happy with what it does and how agile it is
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    It's worth revisiting this thread in 2016.

    Streaming 1080p in Wirecast requires a beast of a computer. Wirecast is pretty bloated.

    I've had better luck using vMix. It reliably does more on less hardware than Wirecast. They even sell a 4K-capable version of vMix!

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