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Thread: Hardware : High Quality Audio for Remote Cohost

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    Hardware : High Quality Audio for Remote Cohost

    Hey guys so My cohost and I have been recording via Skype for the past year or so. Things are not going too well. He has decent internet speeds but has no idea whats going on when it comes to computers. His computer is pretty outdated and every time i talk to him he tells me he has malware. I am looking for some sort of hardware solution to get high quality (Skype Like) audio.

    Can anyone here suggest something that would work. I am willing to spend some money.

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    Apr 2012
    Skype announced SkypeTX for broadcasters but no price. It'll probably be "expensive" though.

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    Melbourne, Australia
    If there is no issue with money, why not buy a cheap laptop. Install the programs you want him to use. Lock it down so he cannot install or make changes. Take an image of the build for quick recovery, and send him the complete system. If will save you headaches down the track. If you are not comfortable about how to secure the OS, talk to you local IT guru. It really is quite easy.

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