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October 2, 2013:
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Thread: Introduction and Question to the Learned Assembly

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    Introduction and Question to the Learned Assembly

    Howdy from Elkridge, Maryland.

    My name is Bill, and I run a 24/7 music channel on Shoutcast. My licensing is provided by StreamLicensing. But I'm thinking of starting a second channel on Wavestreaming. While Station A is a 1920s and 30s station done as to sound like it would if it were broadcasting live through a time warp, I would want this second station to have spoken word content. I'm already aware of Democracy Now and Free Speech Radio News, as well as Feature Story News and Public News Service. Is anyone aware of a network that provides longer-form programming? I'm an audio channel, but I can use the audio from a YouTube if necessary. Just want everything nice and legal. Anyone out there with an interesting, timely, entertaining podcast you'd like to have carried by my station? Comedy, Lifestyle, Progressive issues are the direction I'm looking.


    Bill Schmalfeldt

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    Welcome to the forum Bill

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    Welcome to the forum from Arizona.
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    My top-secret email address is: DanOrtego {at} gmail


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