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Thread: Does Twitter promotion help your podcast?

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    Does Twitter promotion help your podcast?

    I have been podcasting for a few years (on and off) and I was wondering if you guys feel that Twitter helps. I have not noticed many people coming from twitter. If someone has success with their podcast on twitter please let me know what to do.

    What Tips and Tricks can you offer to get some attention to my podcast on Twitter.

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    Administrator andrewzarian's Avatar
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    James that's a great question to ask. I recently started looking into ways to utilize twitter better for my podcasts and here is what I found to work

    1. Follow others with the same interest
    If you are doing a pro wrestling show try following others that are into pro wrestling podcasts. there is a good chance they will follow you back.

    2. use hashtags
    Its amazing how many people follow hashtags. #podcast #podcasting are two I always use

    3. Tweet about current events / Trending Topics
    For our pro wrestling podcast we average around 10 new followers every monday night when we live tweet during Monday night Raw. We make sure to use the hashtags #wrestling #wwe or anything else that is trending during those 3 hours. We also do the same for our Tech podcasts. #microsoft #windows #apple.. few examples

    4. Engage with your followers
    make sure you are not using Twitter for show promotion but using it to have conversations with people. Personal connections go a long way

    I hope this helps you. Please let us know how it works out

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    Welcome new followers and thank them for the follow. Great way to spark conversation. Sometimes just asking how or why they decided to follow you is a good start.
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    Moderator / IAIB Pro Broadcaster mcphillips's Avatar
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    I get more response from Twitter than I do from Facebook, but both are pretty unexciting.
    Please direct all questions for me to the forum so that all can benefit.

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    Twitter is huge for our show. According to Google Analytics 43.79% of our site visitors in the last week came from Twitter referrals. We make sure to include Twitter comments in our feedback section. Some of the best shows we've had (numbers-wise) have been when we have a guest and they tweet about the show. Someone (we don't know who) even created an account based off a fictional character based off of comments made by one of our guests.

    As far as tips, I'd say at a minimum have an account for your podcast that posts about every show. We do that with the podcast account posting 3 or 4 things about the show throughout the first couple days of the show's release. Then all of our hosts retweet a few of those throughout the week (careful not to be spammy though). We use that account to interact with some of our fans and guests, and our hosts as well.
    We also recently had a contest where we used a hashtag as part of the entry requirements. Our podcast is about Transformers so we asked people to send us a picture of something in their Transformers collection with the our podcast username and the hashtag #transmissionsscore. I'd say we got 20-30 entries, and we're happy for our first contest.

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