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Thread: How much can a 2013 Macbook Pro handle?

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    How much can a 2013 Macbook Pro handle?

    Dear IAIB,

    I just upgraded to a 2013 Macbook Pro/Retina i7 with 16 gb ram. I am trying to put 2 HDMI cameras into the 2 thunderbolt connections.

    When I plug each camera into the MB using the BM mini recorder, they work fine and all is happy. However, when I plug them both into the MB I am only getting picture out of one. Is this a power issue? Is this a setting issue?

    Should this be able to work?

    If this doesn't work... The next plan is to run WireCast on the MBP with one camera and have camera 2 stream into a MPAir and do a Desktop Presenter transfer. If.... I do this, what is the best app for having camera 2 show on up on the Air so I can DTPresenter on the second screen?

    Thanks guys!


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    as far as i know it should be working. Are u able to get video from the camera that isn't working right if you only plug that one in ?

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    I would make sure that the macbook is able to use both devices at the same time. I would contact BM support and see if the devices and the macbook support that.
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    I think they might share the same bus so there might not be enough power to drive both. This is a guess but it would be good if we can find out for sure.
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    What software are you using to try to see both at the same time? Wirecast? That should work. Can you see them both using the BMD Media Express?

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    Would you guys recommend using a laptop for production? I would imagine you would encounter issues with USB and Thunderbolt bus
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