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Thread: Be Careful With Windows 7 Communications Tab

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    Be Careful With Windows 7 Communications Tab

    Windows 7 sound includes a function that allows a program such as Skype or SIP to be designated as a communications device. If you're not careful, you will encounter a problem that I had with Skype on a new computer last week. We use two instances of Skype on the same computer for a radio show. When I connected the second Skype account, the volume of the first one almost disappeared.

    Upon investigation, I discovered that the problem is that the Communications tab should be set to "Do nothing" instead of set to reduce the volume of the other audio sources.

    In the past, I've always set it to "Do nothing" without having had a problem. For some reason, on the new computer, I didn't bother.

    I don't fully understand the interaction with Default Sound Device and Default Communications Device, but since I don't use the Communications function, I disable the volume reduction function. You may want to do it, too.
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    this is a great tip. I have been telling people to do this for years.

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    I never noticed this setting. Thanks Mike. What happens when this setting it turned on? How is it effecting the call quality?

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    Thanks mike. Great tip
    you best get steppin

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    Great tip Mike! Happy New Year my friend!
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    Great tip but how can you open two instances of skype? I have four accounts but when I launch Skype it doesn't ask me user and password and I can't open more than one instance at the same time.


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