Just listened to Andrew and Mike and they touched briefly what I'm looking for...

During days now I'm reading and watching everything about PowerPress and it's getting more and more confusing...

Here's my goal. Let's say two podcasts (e.g. "Flanders" and "Café Noir"). Probably in different formats (HD, SD, audio).

How does one setup this correctly in PowerPress? The reason I'm asking this is that there seem to be different ways to accomplish this (in anycase I'm finding different solutions). Sorry for the cross posting but these were the questions I also posted on the blubrry forum:

What I've already understand is that you'll have to create a custom podcast channel if you'll have multiple formats (eg. 480p, 720p, audio).

I was thinking that you then needed to create a separate category podcasting for each show but here http://create.blubrry.com/resources/...cast-channels/ everything is just in different channels.

What is the category podcasting then for?

On another blog I've read that it's best to use custom posts so you can separate your blog posts from your podcasts.

Is there anyone here who can explain this in a "For dummies" way? Step-by-step what to do in PowerPress (feeds, ...). It's weird but I've only found one long video podcast about PowerPress. Maybe this is an item for a show?

Anyway, thanks everyone for all the help I already received. I'm preparing my website and tomorrow I'm going to buy some audio stuff...

Kind regards,
Rudy Engels, Belgium