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October 2, 2013:
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Thread: HostGator - Treated as a criminal

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    HostGator - Treated as a criminal

    Sorry for this post but I'm so angry and astonished at this moment that I really want to share this.

    This morning I took a Business Plan at HostGator an registered the following domain:

    After I received a mail with my account info I started uploading WordPress, Yoast SEO, ...

    A liitle later I received a second mail that my website might be in violation with the terms of service. They wanted to verify my account and I had to send a copy of my passport and a copy of my credit card. I didn't want to do that. "Luckily there was also the possibility to call...

    I took my cellphone an calles. What happened was so incredible that I'm still shaking from all the emotions.

    The call lasted 17 minutes en costed me about 26 USD. I was put several times on hold.

    First question: "What are you going to use this website for? Answer: "A blog with podcasts."
    Second question: "What? Could you spell this, please? Hold on.
    Third question: "What are you going to talk about?" Answer: "Flanders, IT, a little bit of everything."
    Hold on, please.
    Fourth question: "What do you mean by IT?" Answer (annoyed): "I don't know. Apple products, streaming stuff, ..."
    Hold on, please.
    Fifth question: "Are you going to sell Apple stuff?" Answer (really annoyed now): NO, I'M NOT GOING TO SELL ANYTHING!!!"
    Hold on, please
    Sixth question: "Are you going to stream?" Answer (...) No, I'm not going to stream. It's just going to be a blog and the media is going to be hosted elsewhere.
    A few other questions I don't know what I answered to.
    At that time I was really upset and told him to cancel everything. "Can I put you on hold for two minutes please?"
    Finally everything was ok. It seemed that the two letters "tv" in my domain name was enough for them to put some red lights on.
    I've never encountered this with my other providers. I took HostGator after visiting the WPBeginner site but if had known...

    Sorry for this rant. I just needed to share it. If it violated the terms here don't hesitate to remove it because I'm really enjoying alle the info and help over here.

    Kind regards,
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    Wow this is astonishing. I have never heard of a domain company being that concerned of a new website.

    Im really sorry you went though that.

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    I have had servers with host gator for along time and have never experienced anything like that before. I have had them tell me to call and verify who I am before. Maybe since you are out of the country they were wanting more details? Not sure why that should matter though.

    I would be upset too....

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    Are you sure you were talking with HostGator? Are you sure you didn't fall for a scheme? Did the phone number match the phone number on their web-site? Just wondering. (copy of passport and copy of a CC ???)

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    Yes, it really was HostGator. Thanks for pointing out that it could have been a scheme. I filed a complain and they responded that calling from Belgium is indeed expensive but that I can use Skype in the future (wasn't mentionend in original mail). Anyway, it's ok now and I'm preparing my new website with WordPress, PowerPress, ...


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