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Thread: Hardware Streaming Encoders

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    Hardware Streaming Encoders

    Hi all...

    We are looking to move from software (computer)-based streaming encoding to a hardware solution.

    The requirement is AES/EBU or S/PDIF audio in (plus analogue for backup) and the ability to connect via the Internet to Shoutcast/Icecast and similar streaming servers.

    We need mp3 at 128 kb/s initially, but we would like to be able to stream AAC/AAC+ in due course.
    It would be useful to be able to run two output streams at once, to different servers (eg mp3 and AAC)

    I have located two devices so far:
    Telos ProStream ( and
    AudioTX Webstream 1U (

    Does anyone have any experience of these devices they can share; and is anyone aware of any additional devices with this functionality? Internet searches on this are tricky because the required keywords pull up all the end-user players too.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Richard Elen

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    Andrew uses a Telos ProStream @ GFQ. Kirk Karnack is on here and he works for telos and can answer your questions about the telos.

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    Stream Encoder Appliance

    Hi, Richard.

    I have a Telos ProSTREAM right here at my desk. I love it! (Yes, I'm VP of the Telos Systems division.)

    The ProSTREAM has Omnia audio processing built-in (fully adjustable or defeatable). It can generate 2 streams of similar or different algorithms and bit rates. It can send those streams to up to 4 different replication servers. A built-in confidence streamer is included. Front panel and web GUI control.

    A sophisticated metadata ingester/parser is built-in, with presets for several automation systems and customization available.

    One thing you asked for is AES I/O. Our current motherboard supports Analog (XLR) and Livewire I/O. A new model with AES built-in is in development now. Likely shipping late this year.

    Sample my ProSTREAM, 2 different streams, using WinAmp or iTunes at: (AAC at 128 kbps) (HE-AAC v2 at 56 kbps)

    Happy to answer questions or give you a private URL to browse into it for a look.


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    We have been using a Telos ProStream for about a year now. Its a great piece of hardware and the Omnia audio processing is amazing. If you would like to check out the audio feed you can go to and click on the audio

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