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Thread: Used Wirecast for the first time

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    Used Wirecast for the first time

    We recently starting making the move over to Wirecast for our live production. Last summer we started using Wirecast as a encoding box (Live streaming) and yesterday was the first day we used it for live shows. I am totally impressed. The flexibility that it provides is insane. you can create any type of shot you want. It also handles the video really well. No tearing and very few dropped frames. Another great feature is the video recorder. you can record any every possible format.

    I cant wait to see what Wirecast 5 brings to the table. It took me about 3 years to move over from Vidblaster but at this point I think Wirecast has the advantage.

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    I am glad you finally made the switch. I know it is hard to change from what you are used to using as VidBlaster had been working for your needs for the last 3 years but as you can see with WireCast it is a lot more powerful. Just like any change in technology, give yourself time to get up to speed with WireCast and I am sure you will be delighted with what you can do with it. Along with how well it handles HD video versus VidBlaster. I just hope that when you are ready to make the next change in video switching gear it does not take you another 3 years. lol


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    You can create a much more polished looking presentation using Wirecast than Vidblaster in my opinion. The ability you have in settings up shots is really nice.
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